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Buildings in the Simpsons tapped out game

Buildings are the main source of income in Simpsons Tapped Out app. They require time to get built, but there is also an option of instantaneously finishing the process through donuts (premium currency). Once a building is built and has run it's course, you can earn free cash (dollars) and XP from it, the amount of XP and dollars you earn are varies from one building to an other as well as they change at every level. Tasks completed by friends will show a handshake icon, whereas characters which need your attention will show an exclamation mark. Further, tasks completed by characters will show thumbs up icon, whereas buildings only show dollar sign on completion.

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Before building a building, you can view it's information to see what level it requires, and how much dollars and XP per minutes/hours it is going to give you.

To build a building, simply tap the hammer shaped Build Menu to choose a build and then tap and place it in your Springfield wherever you desire.

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