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I kept doing different implementations, then deciding I didn't...

I kept doing different implementations, then deciding I didn't like it, so I changed it again, did more research, changed it again.

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It's been a long week.

But, I'm finally happy with what I have now. My current implementation of the loop is heavily inspired by deWiTTERS game loop, specifically, the "Constant Game Speed independent of Variable FPS" version. And it's not a copy!

This should make any game made with this engine run great, which, in my tests, they do! And with interpolation, it will run (look) even nicer.

And on that note, I've also finally decided on the overall architecture of the engine's State Machine, and how it integrates into the Game class. It just makes me smile whenever I think about how good of a design it is! Which, I do have to thank everyone on the internet that has published articles with said topics, and commented on related forum topics; it made my research fun. (Sorry I don't have any other links right now, I'll add any sources at the end that I can find again.

I also, after struggling for too long, got Lua working again in the engine. Apparently Lua doesn't like having direct "lua_open(lua_state*)" calls. It took a lot of searching and finally ending up on Stack Overflowto find out that I needed to use "luaL_requiref(lua_state*, "<library>", luaopen_<library>, 1)"! Who knew?

I had to use that function, and not "luaL_openlibs(lua_state*)", because I didn't need all the libraries, specifically, the "os" library. If I allow third party scripts for end-users (which I want to!), I can't really let them have easy access to modifying the OS Thanks to certain kinds of people out there (you know who you are!).

So, as of now, all that I really have left to do is finish out all the different states, implement all of their functions, and then flesh out all the kinds of game objects! Then I'll have a basic engine! From there, I can then add "eye-candy" features. Shaders and such (I don't know GLSL at the moment, though it seems to be pretty much be C, so it shouldn't be a problem at all).

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