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Why Flash Drives Are So Vital, And You Don't Just Use Them For Data.

Why flash drives are so clever, and not just for data.

USB flash drives are becoming ever more popular and are falling in price rapidly, whilst at the same time their storage size is increasing. Many websites selling them don't list prices as they are changing, for the better, daily. These nifty little devices that 5 years ago we're the preserve of the technically minded are now popping up all over the place and used by many different people, from technical support, to your average computer user. But what is it that makes these compact tools such a useful marketing device?

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For a start, they are a useful tool that many customers would otherwise be purchasing for themselves. If a tool is something that your customers would otherwise be purchasing for themselves, then it's going to be a useful promotional gift as when you give them a free one, they are sure to keep them and use them often. Your recipients will be able to carry around with them all of their important data, by simply attaching their logo USB flash drive that you have given them to their key ring and carrying it around in their bag or pocket.

If you are planning a conference, a user group meeting or other get together and want to make sure that the attendees take away all of your important points, then write your slides to a flash drive and give every attendee a usb flash drive in their conference pack. They will then take back their usb flash drive and be able to review the contents of the slides. If you have guest speakers attending, then they can be charged a suitable fee for adding their notes to the usb flash drive. Other promotional materials can also be added and the usb flash drive can even be made to autorun. This means that the contents of the usb flash drive will be shown automatically on the computer screen, without the user having to open file

It is more than just data that can be stored on a promotional USB drive. It is also painless to download onto your flash drive a good choice of software, which can run directly from the flash drive without needing to be installed onto the machine you are using. Not only does this increase the versatility of the giveaway, it also means that it in itself becomes a further tool for your company representitives that are out on the road. Many of your sales staff and other company representatives can carry in the bags the software tools and manuals they use in a regular basis attached to their key ring.

There are various web sites that you can use to download and install useful applications such as a web browser, email software, office suite and even personal organiser software. Tools such as antivirus software can also be installed, useful for technical support people who might need to arrive at a machine and scan it for viruses. Other tools such as PDF readers, instant messengers, backup utilities and password managers are also accessible.

What's the point of installing them onto a USB flash drive? Well, the utility can run straight off the USB flash drive and as such, it does not need installing onto the machine that your representative has just arrived at. Your workforce can arrive at the machine they need to use and start working straight away, without having to install software before they start.

By emblazoning the flash drive with your logo, it is a clear reminder of your company and associates you with high tech performance. You are being viewed as using high performance tools and being efficient by using them well. Not only does this increase your work forces' productivity, it is also making you look good. It is a small cost for the benefits returned.

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