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Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks are simply high-quality backpacks, usually made of 1,680 Denier nylon, with small solar panels attached to them. A new technology called thin film solar panels are used to generate power from the sun while keeping weight to about 3.5 pounds for the entire backpack. There are currently two largest producers of solar powered backpacks, Voltaic Systems and Eclipse Solar Gear. Both of their backpacks have similar features, one is a little cheaper, while the other creates more power.

Both backpacks are designed to charge handheld electronics such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPSs, and digital cameras. The is not designed to charge laptops. Laptops generally draw more power than backpacks can generate so eventually the battery pack would be completely exhausted. Handheld electronics do not draw as much power, so the backup battery is charged up.

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A 4,400 mAh, 3.6 volt lithium ion battery included along with a generous selection of adapters to fit almost all personal electronics, you might have. You can charge the battery back three different ways by the thin film solar cells with an AC adapter or a DC cigarette lighter adapter, all three are included. Both backpacks have a generous 1.850 cubic inches of storage space and many pockets for storage of MP3 players cell phones and water bottles. The Voltaic backpack can even handle a 3-liter water bladder with hose threaded through the bags wire channels for hands-free sipping.

Solar powered pack packages can be used by virtually every one, but they are especially useful for hikers, campers and hunters. How many stories have been written about people walking in the desert getting lost? Some we're rescued by a phone call while others had their cell phone or GPS runs out of power when they need them most. These back packs large who depend on small electronic devices like cell phones, GPSs, and digital cameras, but will not be any where near a charging source for today. Digital landscape photographers, cross country skiers, bikers can all make good use of this amazing new technology.

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