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Sony Plans to Release Firefox OS Devices

Sony finally showed their interest in Firefox OS. This is not something new because previously some major mobile phone manufacturers such as LG and Huawei have also demonstrated their commitment to the Firefox OS. It's just a new thing for Sony that has experienced success with Android. And this time, Sony is committed to releasing Firefox OS based devices in early 2014.

Firefox OS devices are running on HTML5 which is also the main base Operating System Firefox on mobile phones. This makes the Firefox OS to be interesting because it also offers the same things as on Android and is believed to be more flexible than Android. Moreover, there will be a kind of app store that offers a variety of interesting applications and games. But it all takes hard work before getting a place in the hearts of mobile users.

Sony will work with Telefonica to run Firefox OS with the project said that their engineers are working on the hardware that the operating system uses Firefox. Surely it would be very interesting if we know the specifications of the hardware that is used as an experiment Sony to Firefox OS. Hopefully, the company also tried Firefox OS on a device with premium specifications such as Xperia Z or their latest tablet the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

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Finally, 2014 will be an exciting year for the development of the mobile operating system because at that Firefox OS will show itself the first time the device from Sony. And Android itself certainly will always develop new features and capabilities are better than previous versions of Android to compete with the mobile operating system's existing and new mobile operating systems such as Firefox OS and Tizen OS.

But it seems Firefox OS for Sony's new stage in using the OS for their low end devices. While Android remains as the top choice in the company by using premium devices. This is a fairness Sony to see how the history of mobile operating systems, starting with their own operating system and then switch to Symbian, and now companies are comfortable with Android. So it could be in 2015 or mid-2014, Sony will use a Firefox OS on their premium devices if Firefox OS showed their dominance of the Android mobile operating system or the other.

So far the development of Firefox OS is quite impressive with a marked amount of support from some of the major mobile phone manufacturers. And also the availability of Firefox OS application for Facebook and Twitter are considered quite impressive, while for the developers would be interesting to create HTML5-based applications in Firefox OS because it is very easy. So the migration of applications and games from platforms such as Android will be expedited to port to Firefox OS.

For information, the Firefox OS first batch will be available next year for the U.S. market at a competitive price with a variety of exciting features that are bundled with the mobile operator. Hopefully Firefox OS, especially mobile devices will be widely available in many countries following the emergence of the first time next year.

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