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I have been working with a lot of blogs for a number of years now ...

I have been working with a lot of blogs for a number of years now and any time I meet with a prospective client I would give them are you cut out for this talk. A lot of people see blogging as a quick and easy way to start making money online. It can make you money, is it easy, definitely not.

To run a successful blog you need to be committed, know your niche and hard working. If you can do all of the three you are already ahead. One bit of advice is don't get hung up on traffic and for your first 3 months I tell people not to expect it by doing this they aren't disappointed.

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Blogs appear daily do we hear about them? No because they are gone tomorrow, whether it be harder than people first think, or because traffic isn't coming fast enough.

I am giving you a golden nugget here it is basically a plan of those 3 months of going live and if you complete all seven steps, well done.

Step 1. Write Great Content

The number one thing once your blog is set up is get content up on it. At first hit publish after it has been proofread and spellchecked. Build up about 5 -10 pieces and publish about 5 straight away keep the others as drafts. By doing this you have created your hook content, when someone comes to a post and they see others, they may choose to read and share more.

When you write a post make sure there is keywords in the title. The title is the most important part to grab people's attention. Look below at some examples of good titles:

  • 8 Steps to Create A Killer Blog Post Your Visitors Will Love
  • Blog Traffic Secrets The Fastest Way To 1000 Visitors Per Day
  • How to Become a Niche Rockstar: The Guide
  • 6 Branding Approaches They Forgot to Teach You in Business School
  • Top 5 Ways Of Achieving Blog Success By Helping Others

One thing these all have in common is they are eye catching they are tempting your potential readers. So have a fantastic title that includes keyword and have killer content, which makes a great start to your blog.

One last thing about content, I want to say here is about frequency and publishing. How often you should post is totally up to yourself. As a guide I'd say start with two per week and then increase. However many you choose to post, make sure you are consistent as inconsistency will annoy people who want to see new stuff. Pick two days of the week and always make sure there is content scheduled for these dates.

The time you publish is important, publishing at 3am is a bad time, most people are in bed. I suggest Monday to Thursday between 2 and 5 pm, expect your traffic to drop at the weekends and evenings it's normal for most blogs.

Step 2. Get On Twitter

Get Twitter and actually Tweet, this is a great way to start generating traffic. Now for a new user don't expect much as you need to get known in the community and get followers, but Twitter can deliver if you work at it.

So how do we make it work for us? It's actually really simple, start by creating an account. Now get it looking it's best, fill in all the basics and upload a picture. Profiles without pictures don't do as well as ones with pictures so I would ensure you do. Make sure you Tweet it amazes me how many people create accounts and that's it, Tweet when you can.

Next, time to start getting followers, the best way to get targeted followers is to follow the high authority figures in your niche by doing this you are letting them know who you are. Get in touch with them now this doesn't mean bombard them with DMs (Direct Messages) a simple Re-Tweet is enough at this stage, the point is the know you exist and you are helping them and hopefully when they read your content they will do the same.

Now you are starting to get followers your profiles looking good, you have recent Tweets, it's time to get TweetAdder (click here to find out more). This tool automates your Twitter tasks giving you more time to focus on other tasks but still use it manually as well.

Lastly get a TwitterFeed account, add your RSS feed then let TwitterFeed post your latest posts as they are published. If you are publishing content a lot don't update it as often else you could end up with five posts at a time.

Setup a Facebook page and make it look great, turn on the post tweets to Facebook and that's it covered at this stage. There is a load more you can do with Facebook but for now this is enough.

Step 3. Social Bookmark Crazy

Social Bookmarking is easy, submit a link, add title and description remembering to include your keywords, tag it and click submit, simple. After you submit a link people can search for it via categories and tags. When found the readers can give it a vote, and then the link with the most votes is going to move up the list and be seen more.

Strategy: Make sure every page has been submitted, tags can be your keywords, or blog categories or blog tags. Use Reddit or Digg, these are my favourites.

Now like I said go crazy and you can do that with BookmarkingDemon, saves so much time. You can upload a link manually to the software, or add your Rss feed url, the tool then sends your links to all the sites you have asked it to. If you want to go it alone you have been warned it's one of those tedious jobs.

Step 4. Get Involved

This step is a bit more relaxed and fun. Like Twitter get involved with your community. Now to do that you need to know where they hang out. You can find loads of people on forums even authority figures, visit other blogs and give your view in the comments.

With forums there are a lot of rules about spam etc and you should respect these. At first introduce yourself, answer a few posts and more respected a member you become, most forums will allow you to put a link in your signature. Once you get this though don't start spamming, that is not cool and will end up with you getting banned.

Spam is another topic with blog posts comments and the reason is because there are so many black hat SEO services that crawl and auto generate comments all over the place just to get backlinks. If you are commenting though and giving a valid point or thanking the author for a great post, most author's won't mind giving you that link. Just don't spam their comments.

The last way you can get involved with your community is via Yahoo Answers. This is a great place to find people that have problems and you might have the answer. Now when you answer use keywords and there is a section to place a link back to your site, but again don't spam. You will gain more points if you are the selected best answer, so be thoughtful and give great answers. Think how big Yahoo is, this really does improve SEO over time.

Step 5. Write Articles

This is another hard work step but can generate good traffic for a long time. When you write an article you submit it to the article directory. Now don't submit your posts as your article is then duplicate content which Google doesn't like and will penalize for it.

Write a fresh piece of content and include links to your posts from the article. These article sites usually have a good page rank so it does get you some back links as well, which is always good. Now one bad thing is that the article site editors are not the quickest of people and it can take a while to get articles approved. Some also won't let you link in the actual article but you can link in the author bio part. It's still a link.

Now other people might share your content on their blogs so that's extra exposure and why it does pay to not to slack when posting an article. Check out these article directories Ezine, Article Base and Article Dashboard.

Step 6. GateCrash Other Blogs

Now this is where you can see if your previous efforts have paid off, if they have by now you should have a decent list of high authority people in your niche on your list of followers. If you don't it's ok but can make this a wee bit harder.

If you have connected with them before and it's went well, you've re-tweeted, commented on one of their posts etc ask if you can write a guest blog post for their blog. Lot's of bloggers will happily agree but beware some just don't do guest blogging, but ask what's the harm in asking. If they know who you are and you've helped them chances are they will agree but they might still refuse.

If you don't know them or haven't connected with them there is more chance of a no, but it's worth a try. They might love your content so much that they will agree, another reason it pays to have great content.

Step 7. Monetize Your Blog

Now this is the best part the making money from your blog part and it can be quite a big topic so I'm going to tell you what to do to start off. Remember though this is just the start.

First thing to do is join Clickbank and look for related products that you can promote. Most Clickbank products offer a high commission usually 50% +. Download MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, this is a must for anyone that is going to add affiliate links to their blog. This WordPress plugin turns your affiliate links into nicer looking and shorter URLs, this shows you are a pro and that they can trust you as some affiliate links can put people off, as they look messy. You can store your links in your admin panel which saves looking for them. One other great thing is you can see how many clicks you have had which saves time; because you don't have to go through all your different affiliate programs, definitely check this out.

So to get money from your posts add affiliate links. Now I didn't want to mention this as it's definitely not the best but it brings in something I suppose. That is Banner Ads choose a few spaces on your website 2-3 max and get some banners there. If you don't have anyone that wants the space as you are too new fill it with you affiliates banners.

Remember these are just the beginning and there is so much more.

Step 8. Create and Sell Your Own Product

Now once you have got here you must be starting to enjoy some benefits to your hard work, here is another way to make money online before we finish. How can you receive the maximum profit from affiliate links you can't it will always be a commission. What I suggest is make a product and promote and sell that. Maybe a piece of software that meets your users needs, or an eBook that gets them started with your niche, the possibilities are endless.

Now once you have that great product, start getting sales through promoting it. Now what you can do if your traffic is still an issue is put it on the Clickbank marketplace and let their affiliates get you sales. You will have to pay a fee for that but think of it like this, more traffic and more money in the long run.

Remember it's your product you are in control with it.

Before I go

If you follow the steps and keep working at them until you see a result you will be enjoying your blog more because you will be getting paid for your efforts. You will get a lot more traffic than waiting on Google to pick you up.

Things to Remember:

  1. Be patient, don't expect anything for at least 3 months, hopefully you will see something but if you don't expect it you won't miss it.
  2. Get in and around your community and let them know who you are. Help them and hopefully they will help you.
  3. If there's an opportunity to show your blog or a specific post take it, but don't spam.
  4. Monetize your site to get something from the hard work you put in.

What do you think? What are your experiences when starting out?

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